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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...


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Diana and Miguel Larios was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others


“We were extremely satifsfied with Steve as our realtor. He was great! We would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Very professional, very helpful, on top of everything and responds very quickly and efficiently.”

– Aug 11, 2010 by Diana and Miguel Larios


Kristin Saukel was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Great, patient, goes beyond expectations, works well with picky people and looks for deals, knows and shares strategic appraoches to buying great properties. I’d use him for buying and selling any size of place.”

– Aug 3, 2010 by Kristin Saukel

Ken Brengle was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Steve did a great job for us. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking at the Big Bear market.”

– Jul 30, 2010 by Ken Brengle

Cindy Andrews was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Steve was highly efficient, knew the market, effectively used technology, was personable and just did a great job for us. We were very pleased with the entire experience of selling our second home in Big Bear Lake.”

– Jul 26, 2010 by Cindy Andrews

Kristina Archibeque was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others


“Steve Hirschler is nothing short of a fantastic real estate agent. I am a first time home buyer and he made sure everything went smoothly, kept me well informed and gave great guidance through the whole process. He has a very warm and professional personality but also takes charge and gets things done. He is wonderful. I strongly recommend him if you are looking to purchase a home. Thanks again Steve! :) “

– Jun 18, 2010 by Kristina Archibeque

Suzy Ramirez was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Steve was wonderful. He was very pacient was me as a knew buyer with a ton of questions. I would highly recommend him”


– Jun 18, 2010 by Suzy Ramirez

Brian Jones was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Steve was an amazing realtor!!!! He always kept me up to date on what was goin g on with my house even when it wasn’t things he had control over..He worked hard to assure that i was getting the best deal possible and absolutely gained my full trust right from the start. HJe was an honest and passinote realtor who sold houses for the buyers he was showing them to not for the money, thanks Steve for all your help i am enjoying my new home and would recommend your services to anyone!!!”


– Jun 17, 2010 by Brian Jones

Shirley Rauter was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“I knew Steve was the realtor for me when I met him. He is the consumate professional. I was impressed how quickly he understood my property perameters, and his great sense of humor made my experience such an easy process. He was constantly on top of all issues and I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family. “

– Jun 11, 2010 by Shirley Rauter

Chuck Holder was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“Steve did a great job. He told me where to price my property in this terrible market to sell. I priced it where he said and had two offers in two weeks and we closed about 30 days after acceptance on the second one. Definetly recomend Steve.”


– Jun 11, 2010 by Chuck Holder

Marcos Gabriel was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommendSteve Hirschler to others


“We can’t recommend Steve enough. His experience and expertise in the Big Bear region came through in every part of the process. Purchasing a cabin while living out of the area can definitely feel like a daunting process, but with Steve as our “eyes and ears” on the ground in Big Bear, we always felt confident, informed, and completely well taken care of. Thanks, Steve!”

– Jun 8, 2010 by Marcos Gabriel

Misti Kummerfeld was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others


“Steve was more than I could have asked for in an agent! He was ALWAYS working hard…even on his day off. He came through for me on everything every time. “

– Jun 4, 2010 by Misti Kummerfeld

“Excellent service, dedicated to his customers. Very thorough and patient. ”

– May 29, 2010 by Steve Chudy

Brad and Judy Hunt were satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others
“We can’t thank Steve enough for all his help in closing on our new cabin. We would recommend him to friends, family and complete strangers on the street! He was great at expediting our closing and was a real life saver after the sale when our furnace went out. He furnished us with several space heaters which kept the pipes from freezing as well as my husband and I. He was always available when we called and was quick with solving problems and getting answers. It was easy working with him and he found for us the perfect property.”
– May 10, 2010 by Brad and Judy Hunt

“Steve was great. He was always available to answer my many questions. He made buying my house a good experience. He comes highly recommended from me.”  – Mar 18, 2010 by Kelly Cox


“Very flexible, friendly, looked out for my interests” Phyllis McGregor February 15,2010

Jay and Nora Rohan was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others

“My husband and I would strongly recommend Steve. He was professional and consisently on top of the entire transaction. ”
– Dec 20, 2009 by Jay and Nora Rohan
Tommy and Tanya Anderson was satisified with Steve Hirschler and would recommend Steve Hirschler to others
“Steve is great to work with. He has gone above and beyond. We cannot thank him enough for all of the extra help he has provided. ”

– Dec 12, 2009 by Tommy and Tanya AndersonWorking with Steve Hirschler was a great experience. I wish all real estate agents were like him. We came to Steve because we were looking for an investment and a vacation property, somewhere we could go to get away from the busy valley life in Los Angeles County and enjoy the mountains of Big Bear where we use to vacation as little kids. His method and personality really came through from the first meeting with him and through the process of finding our great little Gambrel in the Moonridge woods. At our first meeting, he helped take the car seat out of our truck so he could put it in his truck and drive us around the neighborhoods that he had planned to show us. He was very patient, being the father of 4 daughters himself, our one little boy was probably no trouble to have around at all. Steve is very knowledgeable about the area, he showed us many different places and made sure we kept in mind important strengths and desirabilities of particular neighborhoods.  He really helped us to make a great decision about the Gambrel property. We knew it was going to be a lot of work, being a fixer REO property but my husband and  I needed a project to keep us busy anyway. We had a certain budget, went back and forth on whether or not we needed one bedroom or 2 bedrooms, or a garage and Steve really paid special attention to this where other real estate agents would just keep trying to increase the bottom line and show us properties not always within our strict price range. We finally chose the 2 bedroom Gambrel with one bathroom and a fireplace. We were impressed with the way Steve marketed himself, we really enjoyed the streaming videos and the tone of his voice when describing properties. We were also impressed by his track record and all of the properties that he sold within the community. I enjoyed when he pointed out the properties that  had sold. His confidence was contagious. The customer service Steve provided was something that had not been familiar to us in quite some time. He was not aggressive in a way where we felt anxious or rushed. He followed up with us on an almost daily basis and replied at once. That was probably the most pleasant thing about the whole transaction, his communication skills and the high class customer service that he provided.  My husband and I are not wealthy, we both work full time, but Steve treated us like we were customers willing to spend a million bucks.  Thank You, Steve!  -- Todd and Jessica Pollack May 19, 2009








"Steve was great in handling every aspect of the purchase. He is very knowledgeable about real estate in Big Bear and his advice regarding       the different negotiations (price, contingencies, etc.) resulted in a smooth purchase. "




"Popular real estate web sites will never replace the expertise of a local realtor!!!! Having searched the web and interviewed several realtors, we knew from our first meeting that Steve was going to land us our dream vacation home. We were not looking for a multimillion dollar mansion, but Steve gave us the million dollar treatment from our first meeting to closing. He took time to understand our requirements and only showed us properties that met these requirements. Steve's knowledge of the local market is unparalleled, beat that Zillow!!! From trivial questions to legal requirements to home inspection, Steve was always there. Our queries were answered promptly and we cannot thank Steve enough for finding us the dream home in only a few weeks. We can go on and on about our home buying experience,but will end it with "We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve as THE realtor for Big Bear!!!" Thank you Steve!!! "

-- Oct 19, 2009 by Parthiv Patel




"Steve is a very accomplished professional and knows his market well. He was helpful throughout the aqcuision process and did not stop there. He went above and beyond to enusre that the property was adequately looked after even after escrow was closed. I highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to buy property in the Big Bear area."

-- Oct 19, 2009 by Jeff Herr


"Steve has been very helpful during the sale of our 1st property in BBL and the purchase of our 2nd BBL property; very knowledgeable of properties in the area; willing to do the extra stuff; kept on top of both transactions including while on family vacation; strongly recommend to others."


-- Oct 10, 2009 by Gene Bohatch



"Steve was very knowledgeable about the area and the market. In addition, he was very professional patient, and enthousiastic through the whole purchasing process. He understood the features we were looking for in a property to purchase and he fullfilled our request. Steve responded fast to all the transactions that occurred during the purchasing process allowing us to find the property and to close escrow within a month. He was always available to answer our questions and provide suggestions to our requests. Steve made the process of purchasing a house an easy and pleasant experience. He was not aggressive in a way where we felt anxious or rushed. He treated us with respect and made us feel important eventhough we were not affluent. We highly recommend Steve for anyone that would like to look for real estate in Big Bear. -- Panos and Irene August 3, 2009."


-- Aug 14, 2009 by Panos and Irene Kontakos



"Steve is very professional -- answered all our questions very promptly, respected our budget and our desires/requisites in the property search, and was very supportive and accommodating during the entire process. He is very knowledgeable about the Big Bear area, and we benefited from his guidance. We enthusiastically recommend Steve to his potential clients -- we were fortunate to have found him! "


-- Aug 6, 2009 by Tom and Rowena Bouquet





"Steve was great in handling every aspect of the purchase. He is very knowledgeable about real estate in Big Bear and his advice regarding the different negotiations (price, contingencies, etc.) resulted in a smooth purchase. "


-- Feb 19, 2009 by Roy and Heidi Matic





-- Feb 17, 2009 by Doug and Terri Canaan





"Steve's dedication and persistance, in a difficult market,allowed us to avoide a foreclosure buy finding an acceptable offer for a short sale for our czbin. He was very patiant at times when most people would be loosing it! He got us where we needed to be and stayed with us all the way. Thanks Steve!"


-- Feb 16, 2009 by David Ruppel



"Steve helped me sell an older cabin needing renovation in a difficult market in a short period of time."


-- Feb 5, 2009 by Steve Wilson



"Steve was a pleasure to work with. He was easy to talk to and very professional in all our dealings. So much so that I have keep in contact with him about our endeavors in Big Bear."


-- Sep 22, 2008 by Chris Jones



"Steve is professional, detail-oriented, listens to clients, and is very responsive. He has a deep knowledge of the Big Bear Lake market. He has been as helpful after the sale, assisting us in getting settled as he was during the sale process. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a home or vacation cabin in the Big Bear Lake area."


-- Sep 21, 2008 by Gary Chapman



"Extremely profession in all aspects. A pleasure to deal with. An all around good guy."

-- May 2, 2008 by Robert Cutuli


"Steve Hirschler is a hard working, enthusiastic agent. Whether you are buying or selling, you will be more than satisfied with his knowledge, ability to communicate and follow-up once the paperwork is signed."


-- May 2, 2008 by Chris Ricks



"I first met Steve when the Agent that I had gone to see never showed up at the house he was supposed to show me. I called the number on the sign and as luck would have it, it was Steve's listing. He then took me to a home that I made an offer on and bought. I called him again to help me find a home for my son, and again I made an offer upon seeing it for the first time. Yes, I would recommend him in an instant. Mary Simone"

-- May 2, 2008 by Mary Simone



"Steve brought the right balance of professionalism and personal touch to the process. Great guy....great job!"


-- May 4, 2008 by Scott Mac Gregor



"Steve gets an A for effort in working the details of a transaction. We enjoyed working with him and appreciate his continued interest and support."


-- May 3, 2008 by Gordon Leon



"Mr. Hirschler did exactly what we retained him to do, sold our home for us. His Integrity, and professionalism place him high on the list of Real Estate Professionals, and would come highly recommended from my wife and I."


-- May 4, 2008 by David Saderup



"Steve was amazing to work with! I told him what I was looking for, price range, location, condition of cabin, etc. and he found exactly what I wanted in less then a month! He walked me through the loan process, helped me get settled in the community and has become a dear friend! I have been happy to refer him to several of my friends who are interested in buying in Big Bear! I am SO THANKFUL that I found Steve!"


-- May 12, 2008 by Kathleen Eaton



"We were very happy with the service provided to us when we purchased our Big Bear home from Steve. We would definitely recommend him and have to folks who've inquired about purchasing a home up in Big Bear."


-- Jun 9, 2008 by Irene Briones




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Steve Hirschler
(909) 725-5889(Cell)

Big Bear Lake, California, 92315
United States

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